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When using this website may collect information about your use of this website, for example by means of cookies. Cookies have two functions. On the one hand, they help to facilitate navigation in a Web site by remembering, for example, logins, passwords, and preferences (language). On the other hand, there are cookies that based on the websites you visit estimate your interests. Cookies do not contain personal data, they remember only your preferences and interests, based on your surfing habits. Cookies allow your computer or the files on your computer are not damaged. When you visit this website, the following cookies: • Google Analytics: This is a cookie that is used to analyze the use/operation of this website. The collected information is never used for other purposes, such as spam-mail. Using the information obtained through cookies, we can make our website even more user-friendly and to the wishes of our visitors.
The cookies that remember your preferences and navigate the website easier, why turn it off via your browser settings. If necessary, refer to the help function of your browser. If you disable cookies you can not always make use of all the features of this website. The cookies that are placed to your surfing habits to follow can be turned off via Please note that disabling cookies affects only the computer and browser that you want this. If you are using multiple computers and/or browsers you will need to repeat this operation as many times as necessary.

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