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Winecellar1870 is the place to be, for everyone who wants to buy quality wines. We operate simular to a family business. We search the world for fine wines, but always keep eye on the wishes of the buyer. Although we have lots of wine knowledge, we emphasize the fact that taste is everything. When you like a wine, then it’s automatically a fine wine. In our point of view it’s never a quality wine, just because the expert says so. So we personally listen to the wishes of our customers and find the wines that suits them best.

Our wine cellar already accommodates a stock of fine wines. But it’s also possible to store wines in Winecellar1870 to let them ripe to perfect drinkable wines. Some wines need maturing in an ideal environment. You can let us store your wine to let it mature in peace.

After purchasing, or booking one of our wines, you will receive annually a detailed report on your personal inventory in our wine cellars. Concerning the maturation and the stages of drinking.

We’d love to make your acquaintance soon, in our cellar or in another wine related setting.

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Office: Parkstraat 31, 6828 JC Arnhem NL | Cellars and distribution: Velperweg 23, 6824 BC Arnhem NL
phone: +31 85 065 34 36 | info@winecellar1870.com