Wine Cellar 1870 B.V. adheres to a strict privacy policy. There should be no misunderstanding in the visitors of about the safety of our well known customer data. In our privacy statement described how we deal with data of our visitors and what to do if you do not wish to provide certain information or wish to receive. Your privacy is assured!

Why collects Wine Cellar 1870 e.g. certain information?
Wine Cellar 1870 B.V. strives to be the best and most complete provider of wine. This means that we want to offer more than just the largest number of wines. Wine Cellar 1870 E.g. wants her total services continuously improve, expand and adapt to the specific needs of its customers. By collecting certain data we will charge the preferences and interests of our visitors. This allows us to offer the best possible information and our services to suit your needs.

What personal information records 1870 E.g. Wine Cellar is and what it is this used?

Customer data
For the sale of wine has Wine Cellar 1870 e.g. name, address, telephone number and bank number of its customers. Wine Cellar 1870 B.V. uses this information for billing of the selected wine and, if necessary, to contact its customers. This data will not be rented or sold to third parties.

IP address
An IP address is a unique series of numbers that a Web site or computer on the internet. ADSL users have a fixed IP address, users get an analog or ISDN modem each time they dial a certain number from the IP-addresses file that a provider has at its disposal.

Consumption data
Each server (www, ftp, smtp, pop3, news and chat servers) where you log in, record data on consumption, such as the type of connection, the phone number (this is not logged if you have a secret number), the IP address of the visitor, the in/logout time (session duration) and the amount of information that is sent. Wine Cellar 1870 B.V. uses this data for identifying and troubleshooting the connection, the plans of the network capacity, configuring the platform and prevent abuse. On the other hand, supply these data information that Wine Cellar 1870 can improve further services E.g.

Electronic mail Also applies the letter secret. That means Wine Cellar 1870 E.g. the contents of e-mail messages from its clients to Wine Cellar 1870 E.g. strictly confidential. For the maintenance of the servers that provide the mail traffic, it is necessary that a small group of employees of Wine Cellar 1870 B.V., the administrator, has access to these servers. It is not permitted them to read e-mail messages.

What happens to your data?
The information collected is owned by Wine Cellar 1870 E.g. the information that is collected, is used for its own services to the customers and visitors. Your information is never sold or rented to third parties. Via Wine Cellar 1870 E.g. you will not unsolicited advertising material or unsolicited email of unknown third parties. If you have any questions about privacy, data or if you wish to have any insight would register in the data that we have about you, please send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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