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Saint Gilles - Les Albizias 2015

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Saint Gilles - Les Albizias 2015

This Saint Gilles "Les Albizias" is born from a selection of the very best quality grapes Syrah, Carignan and Grenache Noir of old sticks. It's a beautiful composition of grapes of the region. Each of these grapes provides an original contribution to this combination. Syrah, Carignan peperigheid, herbs and depth allows for smell, flexibility and accessibility, while Grenache Noir sweet fruit, jam, sultriness. The education and maturation of the young wine takes place on oak barrels.

With his nose rich in dark fruit and spices, and taste reminiscent of cherry jam, fresh berries and garrigue, it is a delicious glass of wine.

Great with barbecue, game dishes and spicy cheeses. Also delicious to drink without food.

Region Languedoc

Appellation Mont Baudile Pays d ' Hérault IGP

Vintage year 2015

Grape variety Syrah, Carignan and Grenache Noir (s)

Content bottle 0.75

Serving temperature around 17 ° c

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